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MJPEG Stream showing in black & white with distortion

Posted: Sat Jan 09, 2021 5:51 pm
by Monty88
I am recycling some old mobile phones to use as security cameras and have recently installed Cam On Live Streaming on an old HTC One phone. The app works well and generates an mjpeg stream which I can access via a browser on my home network. The problem I have is that when using Yawcam v0.6.2, I can see the mjpeg stream in the preview window, but this doesn't show in the motion detection window.

I've now upgraded to Yawcam v0.7.0 and the mjpeg stream is now showing in black and white and is distorted. I cannot see a way to adjust the video properties of the input.

I would be very grateful for any ideas to resolve this. Thank you.