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First Snapshot

Post by umutulutas » Sun Jun 30, 2013 7:00 am


I want to automaticly capture photos with specific intervals and save them to my hard drive.
It works fine, however, when I first launch the program, the first file (first a few files if inverval is too short) that is captured by the program is all black screen. The photos becomes normal after first shot, but since I want to take pictures with 1 hour intervals, the first picture is really important to me.

Here is a reference screenshot:
In this picture, I am capturing photos with 2 seconds intervals.
If you look at the time stamps, the first two images are black screens, while it gets normal after 4-5 seconds. Is there a way for me to prevent this or is it just a bug.
If I will be able to add a 4-5 seconds delay before program start capturing after start, it would solve the problem.

Thank you.


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