Yawcam Causes Provider to Blacklist Me

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Yawcam Causes Provider to Blacklist Me

Post by Paukertg » Mon May 20, 2019 3:36 pm


I've used Yawcam for years successfully to upload photos to my website and really like it. I use it to upload a a webcam photo every 60 seconds.

Recently my website provider was bought by another. Since then, Yawcam works for an hour or two but then something goes wrong. I'll suddenly get a 'can't connect' error. I've attached below a screen shot of the error message that pops up after a few hours of use. When it pops up, hitting 'enter' or checking off the 'save password' box doesn't work. It just keeps coming back with 'can't connect.'

The reason for this is that when it fails to connect, it seems to be trying and failing to reconnect multiple times. This causes my website provider to blacklist me. It took me months to figure this out. Now every time that Yawcam fails, I have to call them and have them take my IP off their blacklist.

Is there anything I can do to stop Yawcam from making them blacklist me? If not, there's just no way I can keep using Yawcam.

Thanks for your help,

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