cannot get new image in xseconds, rebooting

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cannot get new image in xseconds, rebooting

Post by bsisson » Mon May 16, 2022 5:53 pm

I am trying to install Yawcam and having all sorts of problems...

1st it wanted Some thing more than Java-9, of which there is no such thing, only 1.8 or something like that, installed the full JRE development package and THAT went away...

Now it can't get an image from my camera.

It is a driverless (?) webcam that WebCamXP and MS-Camera have no problem with.
I get a black screen, and after 20 seconds or so it will flash "no camera found" and go back to the black screen.

I have said "find cameras" several times, even unplugged the other cameras to make surenai was getting the right one...

restarted, rebooted several times...

Not sure what to check next

Yes, I am getting an error in the console about "problem getting new image" but no other help...

What now??


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