YAWCAM seems to conflict with router DHPC

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YAWCAM seems to conflict with router DHPC

Post by bikeman44 » Wed Jan 01, 2020 1:02 am

I have been using YAWCAM to support image uploading to Weather Underground on my weather stations for a number of years, via the FTP option on YAWCAM. I am fairly familiar with its setup and operation. I have never had any trouble with it, until recently. The setup is a vintage 2004 Toshiba XP laptop running YAWCAM, 2013 version, a Logitech C270 USB webcam, and logitech drivers. I am sending the FTP data via wi-fi to a TP link AC1750 router of new vintage. The only unusual aspect of the setup is that the router is connected itself to a high-speed PPO connection via a high-speed antenna. Its a fast and fairly reliable connection. I have no problem connecting the XP machine to the wireless router, although the old XP wireless software is not smart enough to reconnect atomatically once it drops the signal (I think)

I am streaming images every 5 minutes or so to Weather Underground by FTP. I use the YC scheduler to discontinue streaming at night. Except for FTP, nothing else is enabled on YC. The protocol on Yawcam is the same I have used on a number of other stations in the past.

The images stream perfectly most of the time. Here's the issue. Occasionally -- on no particular schedule -- the laptop will drop the wireless signal. At this time, both YAWCAM and WUHU (software I use for uploading weather station data) lose their connection. YAWCAM posts an error that says something like "cannot find host IP address". It appears as if the lease on the IP address had been terminated. The computer is using DHPC to get an IP address on startup.

The factor that indicates it is YAWCAM-related that the router drops the signal is that when I do not load YAWCAM and discontinue video, but continue using the weather station uploader, the connection stays intact for days on end does not drop. When I load YAWCAM, it crashes the wireless connection again, routinely (though not immediately

I have the "open ports on router with UPNP" set on "connection". Should I turn this off? I have disabled HTTP and streaming, no web access is needed incoming for users

This has not happened on older stations, but I believe the connections in those cases were wired

any advice you can offer is welcome. thnx. Can provide YAWCAM settings on demand. XP is set up to use DHPC, only, to get an IP


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