Yawcam main screen closed

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Yawcam main screen closed

Post by Robert » Tue Feb 18, 2020 6:41 am

I have Yawcam installed as a service running on a Windows 10 PC running 24/7.
Yawcam is capturing images every 5 minutes. Files are set with a Time and Date script so no image limit is being reached or running out of memory.

The problem I have is that the Yawcam Main window and task tray Icon are closing after approx 3 days of running.
Images are still being recorded but I cant open the running instance of Yawcam.

Clicking on the short cut opens a new instance.

Only way I have been able to modify settings is to go into the services menu and stop the currently running instance and the restart it as a new one.


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Re: Yawcam main screen closed

Post by malun » Sun Mar 29, 2020 1:56 pm

When you run Yawcam as a service, you will not be able to see the graphical userinterface of Yawcam.
More info from the readme file:

Run Yawcam as a Service - README

It is possible to run Yawcam as a service. This means that Yawcam is running silent in the background as soon as Windows starts. A service is running even before a user has logged in to the system and is still running if all users have logged off. (More info here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_service)
When Yawcam is running as a service you will not see the Graphical User Interface. This is why it is important to start Yawcam as usual first and change the settings as preferred. You probably want to enable for example the HTTP output at startup. (Settings -> Edit Settings... -> Startup)
When Yawcam is running as a service it will use the settings for the user who installed Yawcam on the computer.

How to:
1) Start Yawcam as usual.
2) Change the settings as you like.
3) Enable wanted output type at startup.
4) Exit Yawcam.
5) Install the service.
6) Start the service.

Install, start/stop and uninstall of the service must be run as an administrator in windows vista and above. Do this by right clicking and use: "Run as administrator".

Install the service
From Windows start menu click:
"Start -> All programs -> Yawcam -> Service -> Service Install"

The service is now installed but not started. It will automatically start next time you start the computer. However you can manually start it right away without restarting the computer. More info below...

Start/stop the service
Start or stop the service manually from Windows start menu. Click:
"Start -> All programs -> Yawcam -> Service -> Service START"
"Start -> All programs -> Yawcam -> Service -> Service STOP"

Uninstall the service
You can manually uninstall the service from Windows start menu. Click:
"Start -> All programs -> Yawcam -> Service -> Service Uninstall"

(The service will also be uninstalled if you uninstall Yawcam.)


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