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Post by jf1002 » Sun May 10, 2020 9:55 am

Hi, sorry if this is not in the right board. Since I've started using yawcam, I've occasionally had a "hiccup" in the motion detection. See my attached photo for an example.

It use to happen once or twice in a single 8 hour period, though now it seems to happen about 20 times while I'm at work. I have it set to send me emails so it ends up flooding my inbox with false detections.

Has anyone seen something similar? I know it may be a webcam issue, but maybe someone has encountered something similar and found a solution?

I use a basic Logitech 720p webcam. It's also worth noting that it started around the same time I made upgrades to my PC, including a new GPU and the use of an additional outlet on my PSU.

Thanks for any help. I love yawcam, it's just what I need to feel secure away from home!



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