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Zoom in Applet!

Posted: Mon Nov 08, 2004 1:09 am
by malun
I have added a zoom function to the applet. If you want to use it you can download it from here. Follow these instructions:

1) Make a backup of your old applet file located in Yawcam's stream directory (i.e. c:\program files\yawcam\stream)
2) Download:
3) Save the the new class file in Yawcam's stream directory. (It's ok to replace the old one if you have made a backup...)
4) Now all viewers should be able to zoom in the image when they watch the streaming applet.

The applet will look like before, but now you can:
zoom in: left-click
zoom out: shift + left-click
zoom to original size: ctrl + left-click
pan image: right-drag (drag the mouse over the image while holding the right button pressed down)

This applet will ofcourse be a part of the next release of Yawcam, but I wanted to make it available a bit sooner.

Hope you like it!

Posted: Tue Nov 09, 2004 11:38 pm
by Rille
Will the next release be written in c?

Posted: Wed Nov 10, 2004 10:00 pm
by malun
No, the next release will still be in java... but this will probably be the last java release. (If I don't count possible bug-fixing-releases)

I haven't gotten so far with the c-version of Yawcam yet. I encountered more problems then planned :wink:
But it will come a c-version of Yawcam eventually... but I can't tell you when right now...


Posted: Sat Mar 26, 2011 6:48 pm
by z3r0c00l12
chatrouletter wrote:BUMP

Death to Java! I hated it so so much...still do
Please stop reviving old threads.

Posted: Mon Mar 12, 2012 3:08 pm
by Yanka
I have gone through your problem and it seems to me that you can easily solve this problem by just making the change in the resolution of the system of yours the thing here is that if the resolution is less then you can't zoom it because the resolution will not allow you to do do zoom in , So in this case i will suggest you set your resolution of the system on to the higher side which will help you to zoom in , So i hope that this one will help you in solving the problem.