Solution: All programs fail to start after installing Yawcam

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Solution: All programs fail to start after installing Yawcam

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Depending on the versions combined of Windows, Java and Yawcam, you might end up with an unpleasant problem.

If you get the following dialog when you try start Yawcam:
"Open with"-dialog
"Open with"-dialog
java-lnk-error-small.png (40.93 KiB) Viewed 34244 times
DO NOT click Browse or OK.
Click Cancel!

Make sure you are using the latest version of Yawcam (version 0.4.2 or above) and you should not get this dialog.

If you click OK, it will destroy the file associations for EXE-files and you will not be able to launch any program.
The reason this can happen is because Java uses symbolic links that some versions of Windows can't handle in some circumstances. This problem afflicts many Java programs and is actually not related to Yawcam. However, Yawcam version 0.4.2 and above has a workaround to handle this problem.

If your file associations for EXE-files get destroyed you can fix them again. Here is how:

If you are using Windows 7, download this file: exe-fix-win7.reg
If you are using Windows 8, download this file: exe-fix-win8.reg
(Right click and choose "Save target as...")

Copy the downloaded REG-file to the computer with the destroyed file associations.
You can use an USB memory stick for that.

Use the the computer with the destroyed file associations and double click on the REG-file.
Approve the file to be merged into the registry.

Restart the computer.

The source of the REG-files are found here: ... store.html ... s-8-a.html
These pages also have some more instructions.

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