how to open Yawcam when running as a service

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how to open Yawcam when running as a service

Post by dgpete » Tue Mar 12, 2019 7:27 pm

I love Yawcam and run it on my desktop and our media PC as security cameras for when we are away from the house for extended periods.
Obviously, I don't need Stealth mode/hidden icons for this.
Occasionally, one or the other instances of Yawcam will drop the connection to the camera (I get the NO DEVICE SELECTED) on my Android IPCam Viewer app. so I then have to log on to oone of the PCs with TeamViewer or Ultra VNC BUT, because I am running it as a service, there is no icon in the tray to open the interface to check/reselect/etc the camera. So I end up Stopping the service/etc, then opening Yawcam again, selecting the camera, then restart the service, etc, etc, etc.
Tedious, really, esp from a remote location with slow/crappy Wifi.....
Therefore, my longwinded question is:
I've looked and looked at the HELP files and in this forum but find nothing so:
Is there any way to open the Yacam interface, while it is running as a service, so I can re-select the camera
can I put an Icon in the tray when it is running as a service?
Thanks much!
PS *IS* there something I can do to get Yawcam to NOT lose the connection to the two Logitech (a 930 and a 525) cameras?


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