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Working with Amcrest Camera

Posted: Tue Apr 02, 2019 4:38 am
by lewiscallaway
I'm trying to get YawCam to work with my Amcrest PTZ camera. I've got the following URL for the camera: ... &subtype=1
It works great in chrome.
When I put it into YawCam, it doesn't work. It prompts me for the password (even though I set it in the software) and then it just says couldn't connect to device.

The camera username is: kcmrwebsite
pass is: kcmrwebsite2

(I don't care about these getting out, it's view only access, and I'll change it after I get it working anyway)

What do you guys suggest to get it working? It is an amcrest IP2M-858W.

Thanks for your help, I really need it!!