Yawcam BETA 2007-03-18

Beta versions of Yawcam will be announced in this section. You are also welcome to discuss the beta versions in here.
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bben95 wrote:
tony2012 wrote:
Flopper wrote:Has this Beta been removed?

That was 3 years ago lol
Hi Tony
I think it would be better if you didn't post on ancient beta threads because it brings them up to the top of the thread list, and this thread is no longer useful or relevant.
Actually, this is not correct! I was searching the internet for the old versions of yawcam, because need to run it on Windows 98, and just because this topic was high enough could read it and find out that there are older version available also. I think that information could be posted on the web-site so the ones who uses older systems could use the program.


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