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Yawcam BETA 2016-01-23

Posted: Sat Jan 23, 2016 9:30 pm
by malun
Get the new beta release:
yawcam_BETA_2016-01-23.exe (4,56 MB)

What's new since last official release?
- Fixed problem with repeated images when device wakes up after sleep.
- Fixed extravars text overlay for empty files.
- Fixed correct action on cancel button for IP camera settings.
- Fixed the broken limit function for motion detection actions.
- Fixed performance problem when the Motion Event list is very long.
- Fixed possible memory leak when previewing Motion Events.
- Fixed window position when previewing Motion Events.
- Fixed image width/height ratio in Motion Events' mini preview.
- Fixed e-mail smtp port number problem in SSL mode.
- Fixed the 2GB file size limit for "Images to Movie".
- Fixed broken page preview.
- Fixed compatibility issues with Java 9.
- Added default URL if version check fails.
- Added auto sensitivity/tolerance for motion detection.
- Added new algorithm for motion detection.
- Added max filter for motion detection.
- Added noise filter for motion detection.
- Added popup menu with image size for motion detection.
- Added video recorder for motion detection.
- Added option to show Preview Window without borders.
- Added functionality to move Preview Window with mouse dragging.
- Added support for running multiple instances of Yawcam.
- Improved JPEG encoding performance.
- Removed the Java Applet.
- Updated language files.

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