Keeps crashing with no warning

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Keeps crashing with no warning

Post by OnlyIfUsayPlz »

I'm trying to use my webcam as an IP camera (and broadcasting it using Yawcam) but it just keeps crashing for no apparent reason. Sometimes it'll go a day, maybe two, other times it'll quit within literal seconds of starting. The log files have nothing out of the ordinary in them, not even an acknowledgement of having shut down let alone an error.

-Using a generic USB webcam
-Using Yawcam 0.7.0
-Using Java JRE 9.0.4 (after Yawcam told me Java 8 was outdated)
-Using Windows 10
-Running on a HP Probook laptop connected to ethernet

If you need to know anything else please let me know. This is driving me insane.
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Re: Keeps crashing with no warning

Post by shrimpgrace »

Any solution for this issue?
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