FTP Uploads Causing IP Blacklisting with Provider

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FTP Uploads Causing IP Blacklisting with Provider

Post by Shortstop44 » Thu Jan 02, 2020 3:08 am


I really like your Yawcam software. It does just the simple thing I want, which is to upload a photo from my webcam every 60 seconds via FTP to my web page. Perfect! Except for one HORRIBLE thing. If you can help me with this I'll be forever grateful because I've been stuck on it for ages.

My every 60 second .jpg uploads only proceed for a few hours or maybe a day or so at the most. Then I get a Yawcam error message and they stop. It appears that if there is any glitch or slowdown in my internet service, and it can't connect, it gives up and stops.

Of course you have a setting for 'silent retry on connection error.' And of course I have tried that. But when I do, if it tries and fails a few times in a row, my webspace provider thinks someone is trying to hack their system from my IP address. They then blacklist my IP address, (without even notifying me) and I can't even access my website via FileZilla to see files unless I call them up and have them 'un-blacklist' me. Infuriating!

Do you have any suggestions for this problem? Is this a common thing for webspace providers to do? I would change to a different provider, but maybe they all do it.

Many thanks for your help,



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