Not Recording When Laptop is Locked

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Not Recording When Laptop is Locked

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A little background: I live in a boarding house that can hold up to 17 people. I work from home, and the lady who owns the house was gracious enough to set me up with a pseudo office in the garage. She also allowed me to make it my space. So, I have a few personal items at my desk (more of a table, really). Due to the arrangement, only certain people have any reason to be on this end of the garage, and these people don't mess with my stuff. Regardless, I have noticed things coming up missing, or riffled through. So I downloaded YAWCAM to run as a nanny cam. I'm pretty sure I know who's doing it, but I need evidence to prove it.

Now for my problem: When I installed YAWCAM and set it up to run the first night, it did capture some activity while the laptop was locked (but still on). It wasn't my thief, it was the house manager being a brat -- but I got a funny dance out of it. But ever since then, it has not recorded anything at night. At first I thought it was because nothing was happening. But when I check it in the morning, I'm also still a bit bleary. Now, I got up about 5 this morning to get a hit off some nasal spray, and noticed that some things have been moved around (I tend to get up regularly at night for this reason). Too tired to worry about it, I went back to bed, with the plan to check on it when I actually got up to stay. There was nothing. Not even a single shot of me snorting nasal spray.

Light off, light on, either way, it is not recording anything once the laptop is locked. And I'm sure you can appreciate why I don't really want to leave it unlocked. What am I doing wrong, and what do I need to do to fix it? And pretend like you're explaining it to a bonehead, because I kinda am.

Thanks in Advance.

I'm on an Acer Aspire R5-571TG
Windows 10 home, v. 1909
i7-6500U CPU
NVIDIA GeForce 940MX
Intel HD Graphics 520
The HD webcam is built in
YAWCAM - V. 0.7.0 Build 2020-07-21
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Re: Not Recording When Laptop is Locked

Post by KyleUmberger »

its been 2 years, why hasnt there been a response? is there no longer support for the program?
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