Yawcam BETA 2007-01-18

Beta versions of Yawcam will be announced in this section. You are also welcome to discuss the beta versions in here.
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Yawcam BETA 2007-01-18

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Get the new beta release:
Yawcam_BETA_2007-01-18.exe (3.3 MB)

This installation requires:
Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 6 or later.
DirectX 9 or later.
Windows Media Player 9 or later.
Windows 2000/XP

What's new since last official release?
- Updated the video source handler.
(now supports more video devices)
- Fixed memory leak in JPEG encoding.
- Removed JRE from installation file.
- Added stream by JavaScript.
- Added new stream protocol for applet.
- Added possibility to disable zoom in applet.
- Added {date} and {tstamp} variables for file names.
- Added variables {tstampH}, {tstampM} and {tstampS} for file names.
- Added variables {dateY}, {dateM} and {dateD} for file names.
- Added function to save images into a movie.
- Added popup menu for right click on applet.
- Added more options for the applet.
- Added image overlay.
- Added kick and ban stream viewers.
- Added always on top option.
- Added right click menu on tray icon.
- Added tray icon balloon tip text.
- Fixed decimal value bug in ftp and file interval fields.
- CPU optimizations for file and ftp output.
- Fix: Version check doesn't affect startuptime any more.
- Added workaround for webcams that didn't allow hibernation.
- Added stealth mode, which allows hiding windows and tray icon.
- Fixed offline image to save as "out0.jpg" instead of "out{5}.jpg".
- Fixed a problem related to image arrays and FTP.
- Fixed bug in FTP regarding multiline answers to NLST.
- Fixed speedup for FTP image arrays.
- Added more options in image array wizard.
- Added user defined overlay variables (parsed from text file).
- Added a Scheduler.
- Fixed a bug in "silent retry on connection error" for ftp upload.
- Added possibility to use all system fonts in text overlay.
- Added resized images function to fit a PDA's or Mobile phone's screen.
- Added WAP page with WAP 2.0 XHTML compability.
- Fixed a bug where ftp sometimes didn't delete temporary files.
- Fixed that webserver didn't allow filenames containing spaces.
- Added Motion Detection.

What's new since last beta?
- Updated the video source handler.
- Removed JRE from installation file.
- Added possibility to stream via JavaScript.
- Fixed a bug in motion detection.
- Added possibility to change SMTP port when sending motion detection alert email.
- Added possibility to connect to a SMTP over SSL.
- The info about "actions taken" should now be correct.
- Changed the way stealth mode works.
- Lots of other stuff that I can't remember right now ;-)

Known problems in this beta:
- A lot of text is fixed to English...

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