Yawcam -> Console

Console window

The console can be accessed in two ways. Either by the console tab in the main window, or by the console window from the text menu in the main window. ("Window -> Console")

Yawcam prints status and info messages in the console during runtime. All output in the console starts with a time stamp and the newest entry is printed at the bottom.

Some explanations (of the more cryptic console output)

Message Explanation
GET: /index.html All entries starting with GET shows that someone is accessing a file on the built-in web server. Which file is shown by the name behind the colon.
+ The + indicates that you have a new viewer on the stream output. And the ip address behind shows that viewer's ip.
- The same as above, but the - indicates that this user has stopped watching you. Also the time the user stayed connected and the amount of data transferred is printed.
Incorrect login attempt: x.x.x.x Someone from address x.x.x.x tried to login to your stream but failed.
Error 404 Someone tried to access a file on your Http server that doesn't exist.
Port X already in use! The port you have selected to use for Http or Stream is already in use by your computer and you need to choose another.
UPNP: Found device X Printed when Yawcam finds an UPNP device on the network. X is the name of the found device.
UPNP: Port X/TCP mapped to x.x.x.x Yawcam has automatically forwarded the port X to the local computer x.x.x.x
UPNP: Port X/TCP unmapped The previous forwarded port X has now been unmapped.
Mail: Could not connect to SMTP host:, port: X Confirm that you typed in the right smtp server and port number. The current settings are not working...
Mail: 530 Authentication Required You must enter a correct username and password to be able to use the selected smtp server. Mark the checkbox "Password required" and enter username and password in the fields below.
Mail: Authentication Failed! Your username/password is wrong for the smtp server.
Mail: 530 Must issue a STARTTLS command first Enable encryption!
Ftp: Could not connect to server! Check your server address and port number!
Ftp: Wrong username/password The username/password for the ftp is incorrect.
Ftp: Could not change directory! Check that the directory you have entered really exists on your ftp account.
Ftp: Could not upload file! Problems uploading the file to your ftp server. Why is unknown...
Ftp: Permission denied! You don't have permission to upload a file in this directory on your ftp account. Check the permissions on your ftp account!