Yawcam -> Main window

Main window
The main window contains two tabs and a text menu.

Control panel tab

The control panel holds the buttons that start and stop the different output types.

This symbol indicates that the output type is disabled and nobody can see you.
This symbol indicates that the output type is enabled and you are visible to others. (If the settings are correct.)

You can start and stop the output by clicking the button to the right of the icon.

File - Save image file(s) on the local computer.
Ftp - Upload images to a remote ftp server/homepage.
Http - Start the built-in webserver to show the webcam image.
Stream - Start the built-in webserver to stream video images.
Motion - Run motion detection on the video input device.

Remember to check the settings for each output type before you start it for the first time!

Console tab

The console tab holds the console where status and info messages are printed. For more information about the console look at the console page.


The text menu has the following structure:

File menu

The file menu lets you enable and disable the output types and the motion detection.

Images to movie... - Opens a dialog where you can convert a series of images into a movie. (Capture a series of images with e.g. the file output first.)

Exit - Quit Yawcam.

View menu

The view menu lets you choose which tab that shall be visible in the main window.

Always on top - Sets all Yawcam's windows on top of all the other windows.

Stealth mode - When Yawcam is in stealth mode it will not be visible on the screen. All the windows will be hidden and also the icon in the system traybar. If you start Yawcam again when you already have an instance running in stealth mode, the stealth mode instance will become visible again.

Hide at Startup - Starts Yawcam in hidden mode. You will only see Yawcam's icon in the system traybar.

Hide now - Minimize Yawcam to the system traybar now.

Settings menu

From the settings menu you can access the settings for the current video device. The name of the current video device is shown inside the parentheses. This means "713x BDA Analog Capture" in the example image above.

Different video capture devices have different settings, so the options in the context menu to the right will change for different devices. The settings dialogs opened from the context menu will also differ since they depend on the current device's drivers. Usually you can see the options "Device properties" and "Format control" in the context menu.

Change to - Will show a list with video capture devices on your computer and let you choose which one Yawcam shall use.

Detect webcam... - Opens a dialog that scans your computer for video capture devices and shows a list of the found devices. Use this option if you have connected a video device when Yawcam already is running. More info on the help page for detect webcam.

Edit settings... - Opens a window with Yawcam's settings. You find more info about all the settings on the settings page.

Window menu

From the window menu you control which of Yawcam's windows that shall be opened.

Preview - Shows a preview of the current video capture device.

Capture - Shows a preview of the current video capture device and lets you save images by clicking a button. More info on the capture page.

Motion detection - A window to monitor motion in front of your camera. This window also lets you configure the settings of how motion is detected and what shall be done when the motion occurs. More info on the motion detection page.

Console - Shows the same as the console tab, but open up in a window. More info about the console on the console page.

Viewers - Shows a list of the viewers connected to your video stream. You also have the option to kick and ban viewers from this window. More info on the viewers page.

Help menu

The help menu lets you open the help and getting started guides.

Contents... - Opens the table of contents of the help file on the Internet.

Language... - Opens the language settings. More info on the language page.

Am I online? - Checks if your settings are correct so that other people can see you over the Internet.

What's my URL? - Displays the address where you and other people can see your webcam.

Configure router? - Opens a small guide on how to configure a router for Yawcam.

Visit webpage - Opens in a browser.

Donate $$$ - Opens a webpage with information about donations.

About... - Info about Yawcam and the translator.