Yawcam -> Motion detection -> Motion events

Motion events tab

The motion events tab holds a list of events at the top. The columns of the list specify the date, the time and how many percent of the image that were in motion.

When an event in the list is selected a preview image will be visible and more information about the event will be shown in the text area at the bottom.

Click the image to see a larger version of the image.

Here follows an example of how the information area at the bottom can look like:

Date:            2006-08-19
Time:            17:19:05
Duration:        100ms
Motion:          27%
Tolerance:       20%
Sensitivity:     88%
Actions taken:

E-mail sent to:
Sound played: sound\camera.wav

At the end of the information area Yawcam will print the actions taken when this event occurred.

The buttons have these functions:

Clear - Deletes all entries in the list of motion events.

>> - Selects the next event in the list.

<< - Selects the previous event in the list.

Delete - Deletes the selected event in the list. (It is also possible to delete the selected event by pressing the delete key on the keyboard.)