Yawcam -> Settings -> Stream -> Page designer

Page designer

The page designer let you change the appearance and content of the stream page. It only has some basic functionality and if you want more control you can edit the HTML in the template files your self. More info about templates here.

Title - The title of the page. This is the name your page get in the search engines and it is also visible in the title bar of your browser.

Heading - Will be displayed on top of the stream page.

Border color - This is the color of the border around the image area.

BG color - This is the color of the background of the page. You have to select the marker before the text to use a background color and not a background image.

BG image - Select to use a background image on the page instead of a background color. The file needs to be inside the directory of the web server for the stream. If it's not, it will be copied into the right location.

Text color - The color of the text on the page.

Text size - The size of the text on the page specified in pixels.

Page text - An optional text that will be displayed on the page below the image stream. It is possible to include HTML in this text. If you for example want to include a link to on the page insert the HTML:
<a href="">My link to Yawcam</a>

Link color - The color of the links on the page.

Link visited - The color of the links you have already visited.

Link active - The color of the link when the mouse pointer is over the link.

Preview - Opens a browser and let you preview the settings before you decide and click ok.

To change a color click on the color and a color chooser dialog similar to this will open up:

Color chooser