Yawcam -> Viewers

Viewers window

It is possible to monitor the viewers of the stream output. The viewers window can be accessed by clicking "Window -> viewers" in the text menu in the main window.

The viewers window display a list of people that are watching you right now. The list contain information about a viewer's ip number, hostname, time connected and how much data that has been sent during that time.

The viewer list updates every second.

From the viewers window it is possible to kick or ban viewers.

To kick a viewer select it in the list an click the "Kick!" button. Notice that the data stream will stop and some seconds later the viewer will be removed from the list. A kicked user can start the stream again by reloading the page.

To ban a viewer select it in the list and click the "Ban!" button. You can see a list of your banned ip addresses by clicking the "Ban list..." button. The ban list looks like this:

Banning dialog

From this window you can unban an ip address or manually add a new address to ban.

A viewer with a banned ip address will not be able to watch your stream before you unban its address.