Dynamic IP guide

Most people have a dynamic IP-address that changes every time they restart the computer or connects to the Internet. This can be very annoying if you want your webcam to have the same address during a longer period of time. Luckily there is a solution for this problem :-)

The solution has two parts:
A - Get a DNS-updater.
B - Make some changes in Yawcam's settings.

A) If you have a dynamic IP-address you will have to get a DNS updater from for example www.no-ip.com.

1) Go to no-ip.com and click on “No-IP Free” and then “sign up now!”.

2) Enter your data and register.

3) When the registration process has finished log in to your new account.

4) When you have logged in: Click “add” under “hosts / redirects”.

5) Enter a hostname you want to point to your computer. (for example foobar.no-ip.org)

6) Select “DNS Host (A)” as Host Type.

7) Click on “create host”.

8) Now go to www.no-ip.com and click on the download link.

9) Download the No-IP Dynamic Update Client (DUC)

10) Install the software and start it.

11) Below “hosts” you should be able to see the hostname you just registered before. Mark the check box in front of the hostname.

12) Click on the button "options". Then mark the check box "Run on startup" and click "ok".

13) Now your public address will always be your registered hostname (for example foobar.no-ip.org) even if your ip address changes.

B) Now it is time to make the appropriate changes in Yawcam's settings.

1) In the main window of Yawcam, click "Settings -> Edit Settings... -> Connection". The following window will be visible:

Connection settings

2) Delete the text in the Public IP field (that says xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx in the image above) and replace it with the hostname you registered before. (For example foobar.no-ip.org)

3) Make sure that both the checkboxes "Detect at startup" and "Detect every X minutes" are unchecked. Otherwise the hostname you entered before will be overwritten.

4) Click on the OK button!

5) That's all!