You can easily change the language in Yawcam, because all the text is loaded from a language file. The only problem is that I don't speak so many languages and need help to translate.

If you want to contribute with a translation, please contact me at

Language files

File Language Translator
yawcam_lang_catalan_0.2.3a.xml Catalan Jesús Moreno
yawcam_lang_czech_0.2.5a.xml Czech Zdenek Horák
yawcam_lang_danish_0.2.1a.xml Danish Marco Nørregaard Repenning
yawcam_lang_dutch_0.2.3a.xml Dutch The Meiz
yawcam_lang_english_0.2.5a.xml English Magnus Lundvall
yawcam_lang_finnish_0.2.3a.xml Finnish Juha Tuuttila
yawcam_lang_french_0.2.5a.xml French Bricodx
yawcam_lang_galician_0.2.3a.xml Galician Xose Anton Vicente Rodriguez
yawcam_lang_german_0.2.5a.xml German Christoph Klauss
yawcam_lang_greek_0.2.6a.xml Greek Χαραμης Κωστας
yawcam_lang_hungarian_0.2.5a.xml Hungarian Viktor Miklósi
yawcam_lang_italian_0.2.3a.xml Italian Marco Costa
yawcam_lang_latvian_0.2.5a.xml Latvian Uldis Kurvits
yawcam_lang_norwegian_0.2.5a.xml Norwegian Stein Inge Storvik
yawcam_lang_polish_0.2.6a.xml Polish Pawel 'Galfik' Podbilski
yawcam_lang_portuguese-br_0.2.3a.xml Portuguese-br Fabricio Considera and Giovani Lima de Souza
yawcam_lang_spanish_0.2.5a.xml Spanish Hispanico
yawcam_lang_swedish_0.2.5a.xml Swedish Magnus Lundvall

Older files (in more languages) can be found here.

Please report mis-spelled words and bad translations to


  1. Choose a file above, right-click on it and select "Save target as...".
  2. Save the file in directory lang, located in directory where you installed Yawcam. This could i.e. be C:\Program Files\Yawcam\lang
  3. Finished. (Now you should be able to select the language file from the settings.)