Yawcam -> Settings -> Connection

Connection settings

The connection page will keep track on your computer's public ip address. This is the address your computer uses when it talks to other computers on the Internet.

The get button detects your public ip when clicked and puts it in the text field.

Detect at startup - Detects your public ip every time Yawcam starts. This is recommended if you have a dynamic ip address and don't use a DNS updater from for example

Detect every X minutes - You have the option to detect your public ip address with an interval.

Use UPNP... - With this checkbox marked Yawcam tries to forward ports in your router automatically. It will only work if your router has UPNP support and UPNP is enabled in your router settings. This is the recommended way to let webcam traffic pass your router and access Yawcam if your router supports UPNP. If you don't use a router or if your router doesn't support UPNP it is recommended to uncheck this checkbox.

Am I online? - Opens a browser and checks if your settings are correct so that other people can see you over the Internet.

What's my URL? - Displays the address where your webcam is visible.

Configure router? - Opens a small guide on how to configure a router for Yawcam.

If you have a dynamic ip and want to be visible on the same address over a longer period of time, it is recommended to use a DNS updater from for example

If you are using a DNS updater and have entered your address (the one you got from your DNS updater) in the public ip text field, don't forget to uncheck the checkboxes "Detect at startup." and "Detect every X minutes.".