Yawcam -> Settings -> File

File settings

The connection page will keep track on your computer's public ip address. This is the address your computer uses when it talks to other computers on the Internet.

The file output takes a picture and saves it to the local computer with a given interval.

Type - Here you select in which format the picture will be saved. Yawcam supports JPG, GIF and PNG. It is only possible to select the image quality if JPG is chosen.

Path - The path to where the image will be saved. It is possible to browse for the path by clicking the "Browse..." button.

Image quality - Use the slider to select the image quality or type it in the text box to the right. (This option is only available if JPG is selected as the image type.) Remember that higher quality will give larger file size.

Interval - This option determines how often a new image will be taken and saved. Type a value in the text box.

The image array wizard will help you with the variables that can be used in the filename.

The following variables can be used in the filename:

{date} - The date on format YYYY-MM-DD

{dateY} - The year on format YYYY

{dateM} - The month on format MM

{dateD} - The day on format DD

{tstamp} - A time stamp on format HH.MM.SS

{tstampH} - The current hour (24 clock) on format HH

{tstampM} - The current minute on format MM

{tstampS} - The current second on format SS

{X} - Saves the X last images. (i.e. pic0.jpg to picX.jpg, where the latest image has the lowest number.) Replace X with the number of pictures you want to be saved.

{num} - Save an unlimited number of images with an increasing number in the filename. (The latest image has the highest number.)

{numX} - Same as {num} but the X specifies with how many digits the number shall be printed with. For example img_{num3}.jpg will produce images with names img_000.jpg, img_001.jpg, img_002.jpg and so on.

Tip: It's possible to have a gallery with the latest pictures from your webcam if you use the file output together with the http or stream. Just set the file path to save the images inside the directory of Yawcam's web server or stream server. It is typically located at
Use the {X} variable and name file i.e. image{5}.jpg