Yawcam -> Settings -> Scheduler

Scheduler settings

With the scheduler you can decide when the output types and the motion detection shall be enabled. Yawcam will then enable or disable the functions automatically according to your pre made schedule.

Mark the checkbox "Enable scheduler" to activate the scheduler.

There is a schedule for every function in its own tab. Every square represents an hour. If the square is green the function will be enabled during this hour and if it is white the function will be disabled.

Use the mouse to select squares. The square under the mouse pointer will be "highlighted" with a darker color. Below the square area the active square's day and time will be printed. Click on a white square to make it green and click on a green square to make it white.

Change the color of many squares at once by pressing the mouse on one square and drag it over more squares while the mouse button still is pressed down. All squares will then have the same color as the first square you changed color for.

When the scheduler is activated you can not enable or disable as usual in the main window. The buttons will be inactivated like this:

Inactive buttons in main window

It's possible to enable or disable the scheduler from the popup menu at Yawcam's icon in the systems traybar:

Traybar icon