Yawcam -> Settings -> Http

Http settings

The http output starts a web server and takes a new image for every request for /out.jpg

The URL to the web server will be on the format http://your_address:port
For more info about your webcam's address click "Help -> What's my URL?" or "Help -> Am I online?" in the text menu in the main window.

Port: This is the port number the web server will open on.

Image quality: Use the slider to select the image quality or type it in the text box to the right. Remember that higher quality will give larger file size.

Note that some internet service providers block some ports. So if the default port number in Yawcam doesn't work, you can try to change to another.

Feel free to change the look of the pages in www directory.
(This is located in your user foler, typically:
C:\Users\%username%\.yawcam\www )

Tip: If you select port 80 you don't need to specify the port number in the address to your webcam, but on the other hand port 80 can be blocked by your internet service provider.